5 Facts Marriage Counselors Never Told You

Is it not baffling as a large number of marriages continue to head for the rocks? Yes, the situation is complex and hence, the belief that the solution too should be. Regardless of religious affiliation, here are five facts everyone should consider.



Accurately, many marriages have crashed out of existence. In the meantime, technological products aren’t dispensing solutions, at the speed of light, as expected. As a matter of fact, everyone is excited about the high rate at which marriages are formed. Yet, baffling is the rate at which the duo of extra marital affairs and feminine sexual dissatisfaction regularly crashes the same bliss. Seemingly, this is an unfortunate cycle with no end in sight.


·      To save your marriage, you’ll have to do it personally!


Therefore, in an attempt to achieve success for his marriage, the man is ever laboring. Small wonder the man is annoyed when divorce becomes inevitable, thinking, Women are ever impossible.” And the woman, as she pushes through divine duties in Proverbs 31 verses 10 to 30, becomes physically and mentally exhausted. Then, with devastation written all over her, thinking, “What’s the essence of this misery called marriage?


What marriage counselors never told you…? We’ll get to it. In the interim, it is unfortunate that the man must be using a method that’s either wrong or wrongly directed. To reverse this awful situation, what’s noteworthy is a marital concept that’s often ignored by men; a notion with enormous scientific research facts supporting its usefulness. Nevertheless, a startling perspective to this concept, is that an average woman would rather keep silent despite having better knowledge than her man. On this concept, the woman has an almost overpowering interest for recurrent experience; …an interest that’s also in no way lesser than the masculine craves.


Since marriage counselors wouldn’t dare, kindly let’s note that it is embedded in Paul’s divine and logical insight that… 


“…it is better to marry than to burn.”


1st Corinthians 7:9 (KJV)


Benefits obtainable from this concept include the following:

·     Crucial psychological relief… The concept repeatedly generates mental vitality for women, as it is in men.


·      Massive ability to rekindle a glowing splint of love, as often as required.


·      Matchless power to create optimal marital excitement.


Therefore, to put it briefly, what your marriage counselors never told you will include the following:

·   The woman is the key to marital success

The ability to ensure marital success is divinely installed in the woman.


·   The man should lead by asking the woman to lead

A man can only initiate the process leading to marital success; he does not have full capacity with which to guarantee marital success.


·   Orgasm: the divine remedy for stress

An absolutely free and divinely made remedy for mental stress, including that from marriage, is orgasms (and not sex). Sex is only one popular route to orgasm. Unbelievably, this knowledge is scantily shared among married individuals.


·   The woman is an amazing powerhouse

When she’s is recurrently made free of mental stress, the man will ever be in amazement of what a woman can accomplish, at any time and… effortlessly.


·   Feminine preference

The woman’s preference on how to achieve feminine orgasm and the approach, must be properly considered by the man.


Often, a man is not sure of what or how… The third fact above is central but this is what will complicate his situation. Tell the man that the third factor above is the last but the most important of the necessary steps he’d need to take. Instantly, his imagination would bring forth the actions of a heavy-duty piling machine; he’s using an age-old approach that’s remained a failure. Men would need to look around for facts, it’ll be helpful.