Why Married Women Cheat


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From the title, an average man will refer to this article as crap. However, since we are together in this boat, I’ll suggest a thorough consideration first.


To deal with this topic, here are pertinent questions…

Why do married women cheat…?

Can my wife cheat on me?

What if she’s doing it already?

And, what can I do…?




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Marriage is riddled with life bouts in which ignorance is giving body slam to most men. Our view of feminine sexual pleasure is wrongly taught to require way too much energy. And regrettably, orgasm is an expression that’s thrown an average man further down the sea of ignorance. Tell a man that you can give any woman more than ten multiple orgasms in a sexual session and his eyes will almost pop out of their sockets. Thereafter, the question will be… “Do you want ’o kill yourself?”


Let’s give special thanks to the Internet, the delivery of information across the world now happens in real time. And concrete evidence about marital infidelity is not left out. So, there isn’t the need for an elaborate intro.

Then, the first question is: Can my wife cheat on me?

The shortest answer is… “Yes.” Any woman can cheat… including my wife, the wives of celebrities, highly placed politicians and diverse professionals. Closely, this question could be followed by: What if she’s doing it already? Marriage provides the opportunity for a couple to mix pleasure with obligations. Experts have listed out a number of orgasmic benefits. Regardless of status, if a woman (or anyone for that matter) does not enjoy orgasmic benefits, the craving may become awful. Of course, the partner concerned may seek fulfilment elsewhere. To reverse the ugly trend, kindly continue with this article.


So… Why will a married woman cheat on her husband?

Up to her marrow, an average woman detest cheating! That being out of the way, if any woman is caught cheating, her husband should simply… blame himself. If this question is put across to women, it might not be easy to get the right answer!

        Agreed some of them might not know the answer.

       Meanwhile, any social platform that could show up the right answer could be mobbed by chaotic responses particularly, from men across the globe.


Let’s make it simple…

So, why do married women cheat…? To answer this question, we’ll need to first off, answer the question… Why do we have sex? Of course, there’re tens of relevant reasons for having sex. After a series of multiple studies, efforts by Dr. Jasmine Shaikh, MD and Pallavi Suyog Uttekar, MD in 2020, gave a list totaling forty-nine reasons for having sex. To make this article simple for married individuals, we’ll pick just one reason: …the big “O.” Anyone that’s sexually active will consciously or otherwise play along… until orgasm. And this crave should be expected by either partners and any observer for that matter. Achieving orgasm remains one of the primary objectives for which men have sex.


Then, the next pertinent question is… What are the benefits of orgasm? This knowledge requires a look at the effect of certain chemicals substances called hormones and neurotransmitters. It is essential to note that these chemicals are produced during orgasm. These chemical substances act to promote pleasure, stress reduction, the feeling of satisfaction and more… up to intimacy and attachment between couples.


Of course, these chemical substances are produced by both men and women. During orgasm, women produce more Oxytocin than men while men produce about nine times more Prolactin than women. Additionally, the rate of synthesis of Serotonin is 52% greater in men than in women. For a clearer picture, Oxytocin facilitate a sense of love and attachment (note that women produce more than men). Prolactin is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction (also, note that men produce more than women). Serotonin (said to be more in men) couples with Oxytocin to promote good mood and relaxation; and often, it leads to drowsiness. To sum up, it is certain that orgasm rather than sex, is what we need. Sex is only a popular route to orgasm! Second, to balance the benefit at any point in time, it is obvious that women would need more orgasms than men. Logically, more orgasms for women should be expected to help in increasing the level of Prolactin and Serotonin.


Somehow, our main question has been answered. Really, a married woman isn’t cheating! Simply, she’s trying to gratify a physiological need her husband couldn’t figure out. Objectively, this might be the most appropriate answer to the question! An answer that could reduce many out of the reasons married women cheat. As a pointer, experts have identified that “searching for more sex” is the reason men cheat. Women “are looking to fill an emotional void.” Then, shouldn’t we think again before blaming women for what God purposely created into their body physiology?


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That some women cannot reach orgasm may not be totally wrong; of course, some people are color blind. Rather than learning what to do and how… we’re busy sharing an erroneous idea. The thinking that much effort is required to make women achieve orgasm will forever be injurious to men’s confidence. To clarify, here are some of what the man needs to know about…


Feminine sexual satisfaction

Well, to a good extent, an average man is aware that he could reap satisfaction from a single orgasm; thanks to the combined effect of Prolactin and Serotonin. This is why an average man will regularly brushoff “a second round.” However, he isn’t aware that an average woman wouldn’t be sexually satisfied when she’s not made to reach between two and five multiple orgasms. In particular, the closer to five, the better. On special occasions, this feat could be taken beyond ten.


Refractory period

Of course, we know about ourselves. In the meantime, women’s refractory period is very close to zero. All thanks to the low level of Prolactin she produces during orgasm. That’s exactly why – within a short period of time – she’s able to build up and achieve one orgasm after another. This is an aspect of feminine sexuality an average man should exploit. With multiple orgasms, the woman’s level of Prolactin should be expected to rise. At the point when she’d have put enough Prolactin together, feminine refractive period also should be expected to show up.


Feminine perspective of sex

Men chase after orgasm while women want it offered… especially, on a silver platter. When a woman is married (or in a committed relationship), there’s a reduced use of masturbation and related tools. Then, waiting for the man is quite common among married women.


Applicable Tools

Women have absolute preference for biological tool! The moment a man is good enough in his role, his wife might toss sex tools. Meanwhile, if a man could convince his wife that his direct use of sex tools is due to love and caring… most likely, she’ll take to the style. The effect too will be amazing; at that point, she’ll reap maximum orgasmic benefit.


Trend of Oral sex

Some might not take to oral sex but, it is where a good number of women have found solace. The trend is thriving because an average man – for now – has no better option. In the meantime, considering what an average woman is wired to have, oral sex can be shown to be very low in efficiency. Once a man can naturally surpass his wife’s expectation, it’s highly likely the woman will toss the best of oral sex. Most likely, partners will stick to a technique that’s not just five to ten times more efficient but less stressful and with no further health risk!


Exercise devoid of tiredness

Bed top exercise could be carried out with little or no fatigue. In this situation, partner’s age or age gap will be of zero concern. Then, the obligation to fulfil women’s sexual satisfaction could be done as regularly as preferred by partners.


Two-minute woman

Sometimes, the term, “two-minute man” is used to describe the short duration of a man’s sexual activity. If a man knows what to do, he’d stay long enough to give his wife five or more multiple orgasms. He’ll do so in much less than twenty minutes. Who says your wife can’t be a two-minute woman?


Marital infidelity

According to Naura Heyden, a respectable American grandmother, when a wife is tense and regularly nagging the kids, there’s a breach in her husband’s role. So, alongside all the marriage rules emphasized by experts, there’s a special one. It’s Godly, golden and hence… inevitable. In the Holy Bible, an intense light is thrown on it by Paul (First Corinthians chapter seven verse nine). How can one be married and still nurse adverse effects of passion? This is why every man should know that any woman, regardless of status, could fall into marital infidelity. And if it happens, the man should look within himself.


Sexual excitement

Commonly, attraction for a woman by her husband starts to diminish once marriage kickstarts. As shown by experts, the lack of orgasmic pleasure for a woman will adversely affect her mood. At that point, the woman could fall into sexual passivity. In contrast, orgasmic benefits will excite the woman. Ultimately, partners will experience mutual sexual excitement. This is the point at which external flavors of sexual excitement will have a reduced effect on the man’s mind, discouraging him too from cheating.


Finally, the appropriate question is: What can one do… to better the situation?

Every man needs to learn a little more…. Sexual intercourse in a marriage isn’t being thought in any school. So far, what everyone has is only a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors.


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