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Husband… Is Your Wife The Weaker Vessel?


Wale Joseph


Husband… Is Your Wife The Weaker Vessel? Video…

Quite a lot of Biblical passages are easy to understand. Yet, scholars will always consider applying all necessary inputs, to ensure proper explanations. All the same, when compared alongside what is not just a natural event but also obvious, the interpretation given to certain passages in the Holy Bible might have to be rephrased. Such a rephrase rather than oppose… will further affirm the relevance of the Holy Bible in modern times.


“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

(The entire verse)


“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them… as unto the weaker vessel…; that your prayers be not hindered.”

(1st Peter 3:7 KJV, Shortened)


With due regard to all eminent Bible scholars… the Holy Bible isn’t referring to the woman as the weaker vessel, as interpreted by some people. Although, requiring further considerations are the expressions of certain Bible versions for saying, “Likewise… showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel….” Tyndale’s Bible of 1526 might be the earliest English Bible. However, it might be stress-free to leave Tyndale’s Bible, to make use of King James Version 1611/1769. Certainly, King James Version of the Holy Bible would be an easily readable precursor to all other Bible versions. This action is based on the belief that a small age-gap between Tyndale’s, King James’ and the first complete Bible (either in Greek or Hebrew), will allow for a thorough explanation.

Then, a humble meaning for the seventh verse of first Peter chapter three is that the woman should be treated as unto… As if… she’s weaker than the man. In this verse, the Bible is simply teaching the man to be caring at all times, towards his spouse. This is a Biblical lesson that is being taught as a masculine marital input. So, pampering, caring and similar actions are inputs that shouldn’t only precede sexual activities; rather, they should be regular habits from the man to his wife. On one hand, this explanation shows that a number of recommendations by research experts, on caring for one’s wife are in absolute agreement with this Bible passage.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that a feeble woman wouldn’t ever be able to cope with the rigor embedded within the Book of Proverbs 31 verses 10 to 30. The first verse describes the title for the passage. Fourteen out of the verses describe a woman of desirable physical and mental strength. Five verses (11, 12, 23, 28 and 29) are loaded; to corroborate the fact that the woman is an appropriate help to the man (…a help meet…” Genesis 2:18). And to sum up, verse thirty affirms why a woman should maintain a precious link to God. Any man that’s able to identify all these God-given physical and mental abilities in his wife should show a basic expression of appreciation, and that includes by being caring.

Certainly, a man will always look forward to having marital success. Noteworthy is the fact that this objective is shared by every wife. Then, the man should co-opt his able companion. Using this divine coincidence as a springboard, he should relate with her, not as the weaker vessel, (and please take note of this) but as unto… “As if she’s the weaker vessel;” …pampering and caring for his wife, in the same way it is done for babies!



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7 Bedroom Intricacies to Marital Success


7 Bedroom Intricacies to Marital Success

Marriages constitute romantic relationships where bedroom intimacies are inevitable. In a normal sexual intercourse, that the man would reach sexual ‘satisfaction’ before his wife is a common feature. But what shouldn’t persistently be, is when the woman cannot have a similar experience. Let’s think… what a description by God’s words… a fraud?  For an upshot, the Bible said it all in 1st Corinthians 7 verse 5; …avoid satanic temptation due to
lack of self-control!


Attempts to Curb the Trend

Sexual dissatisfaction is a common marital issue and as such, to curb the trend, attempts; which could be traced back to over several centuries, include that by…


    ·      Modern Medicine

With numerous research reports that’s led all the way back to the initial point that says… do not enhance sexuality.


    ·      Science and Technology

That’s placing high-tech sexuality enhancement products on sales shelves at a speed that’s sometimes ahead… that of domestic appliances.


·      Ancient Medicine

Has by its contribution, revealed ancient but covert apprehension in marriages.


In recent decades, attempts have required a joint effort by different professionals, many professional societies as well as public and private research institutes. This has led to the provision of numerous forms of products for sexuality enhancement, each having peculiar advantages and disadvantages.



Human beings; in an attempt at getting the best out of life, are known to sometimes search far and wide for a solution that’s at a fair, arm’s length distance. Without unnecessary exaggerations, a healthy man’s sexual response known to be lower than that of an average woman will greatly improve with the fulfilment of two desirable conditions.


·      First, to ensure an alignment with God’s design and purpose

The idea that men’s sexuality is inadequate is absolutely against the flawlessness of God. It hasn’t and will never resolve the issue.


·      Second, to acknowledge the issue as social

The solution therefore should not oppose the culture in any society.


With regards to the two conditions above, solutions proffered should…;


·      Be in conformity with diverse social and religious perspectives in every nook and
cranny of human existence.


·      Scientifically, be explicable and hence, could be simulated without a repetitive use of academic exercise.


·      Lack further health risks, if it wouldn’t reduce those already associated with natural sex.


·      Eliminate the consideration for a large body or genital size; a source of concern for both men and women alike.


·      Maximize partner’s reciprocal pleasure particular feminine, without necessitating the use of sexuality enhancement product in whatever form… by the man.


·      Have a mode that’s never laborious; without an iota of exhaustion, and acceptable to… both male and particularly, female and finally…,


·      Be at no cost.


In a successful marriage, partners would shuffle not just through marital stress but life contingencies as well, yet stabilize as if nothing was amiss. This situation will happen when the man plays his role as the head.


For more information, take a vital step now, download a copy of…, “The Manly Man …How to Fill Your Relationship with Optimal Excitement,” twelve thousand words only. You’d be placing yourself right on God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage. The eBook…? It’s absolutely free.


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Pathway to a Successful Marriage

From Adam to Eve

…God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage


Marriages constitute romantic relationships where bedroom intimacies are inevitable. It is God’s design not only for procreation but to recurrently generate mental vitality in couples, with a copious confirmation in research


Definitely then, it’s one of God’s pathways to a successful marriage. A common feature – that shouldn’t persistently be – is when the woman cannot have a bed-top experience that’s similar to that of her spouse.