From Adam to Eve


From Adam to Eve

From Adam to Eve

…God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage


Marriages constitute romantic relationships where bedroom intimacies are inevitable. As designed by God, sex is not only for procreation but to recurrently generate mental vitality in couples. This outlook has a copious attestation in research reports. Then, it is one of God’s pathways to a successful marriage.


…inadequacy in the sexual response of the average man will have various adverse effects not only on the woman but – aggravated by covert anxiety – on the man and his entire family as well. Therefore, whatever solution proffered must acknowledge absolute flawlessness of God and religious sanctity in addition to outright respect for social, cultural and scientific perspective in all the niches of human endeavor.


It is noteworthy that:

·     Sexual inadequacy in men is totally a wrong impression.

·   An average man is only not sure of how or what to do…

·    Sexuality enhancement products will always have issues…


The solution is here!

From the conditions above, whatever solution offered, should…;

1. Maximize partner’s reciprocal pleasure particular feminine.

2. Conform with all social and religious perspectives.

3.   Scientifically be explicable and hence could be simulated.

4. Have a mode that’s particularly not laborious to men.

5.   Eliminate the consideration for a large body or genital size.

6.   Lack further health risks, and finally…

7.   Be at no cost.


From this book, you’ll discover at least three facts…:

· The unbelievable inborn sexual capability of men.

As a result, your woman will be happy on a regular basis.


·     How to play long and safe.

Conform to medical outlook; play without an iota of exhaustion.


·   How to give/get benefits obtainable from sex.

The product sought in infidelity by men and particularly women.


It’s in a successful marriage that partners will naturally go through not just marital stress, but life contingencies as well. It is where the man’s sexual response will be such that his wife too will benefit maximally from sex; as elucidated by pertinent research experts.


Take that giant stride now, download a copy of…, “From Adam to Eve …God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage,” for a guide that’ll last you a life time. You’d be placing yourself right on no other but God’s Pathway… to a Successful Marriage.


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Words: 32,000 approximately.


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