Purchase Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of eBook’s Purchase

  1. Each eBook registration code can only be used to activate a copy of the eBook.
  2. Sharing of registration codes with someone else is not allowed.
  3. Different registration codes are required on multiple devices.
  4. Used registration codes are not replaceable.
  5. Lost and disoriented registration codes are replaceable if unused.
  6. Shipping is not required; eBook delivery is via an instant download.
  7. In as much as download is possible in certain countries and regions, defect in eBook could be as a result of Internet access issues.
  8. Customer’s address, CVV2, and other relevant information meant to identify the customer are compulsory.


  • Although, this site respects customer’s protection acts. However, for the sake of equity, purchases made on invalid Credit (or Debit) Cards, invalid account numbers or any form of invalidity identified by international banking standard, are not qualified for chargebacks.
  • In as much as the law is made for the man and not the other way round, this site shall never be responsible for the following cases:
  • The use of stolen identity, Credit (or Debit) cards, etc.
  • Duplicate processing, deliberate or error in pressing computer key twice.
  • All human errors originating from Customer’s end.

All chargebacks shall be treated based on fairness to the complainant. However, all fees needed to effect refund shall be deducted from the original amount in the transaction being queried, and thereafter, the balance shall be refunded. Where the amount being queried is lower than the fees required to effect refund, requests to transfer such funds for charitable shall be considered. Fees for fund transfer shall also be deducted from the original amount being queried.