The Manly Man

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The Manly Man


The Manly Man

 …How to Fill Your Relationship with Optimal Excitement

Length: 12,000 Words


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From Adam to Eve

…God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage

Product: eBook

ISBN: 978 – 978 – 941 – 716 – 2

Format: PDF and Executable, with audio features.

Words: 32,000



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2.   Structure

When launched, the eBook will open into a stand-alone window of two parts.

A. The left pane… contains the Table of Contents.

B. The right window… contains the eBook.


3.   Text-To-Speech Features

The eBook could render a selected text or the entire document on the eBook window in audio format, and would be read aloud.


4.    Other Features

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App: From Adam to Eve… God’s Pathway to a Successful Marriage.exe

Publisher: Unknown Publisher


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